text boxes around pictures

When I upload my pics to my ebook, they automatically are in a text box. If I delete the box, the picture is deleted, too. Someone told me to align it with text. That didn't work. Another said he made 2-column tables for his pics, but Lulu says no tables!


This shouldn't be so hard, so I must be missing something. If I have to I'll remove all pictures, but that will also require changing some verbiage in the first paragraphs.


If anyone can help, I'll really appreciate it.


  • How are you uploading your pictures?

    You need to use Insert Pictures, rather

    than any other method e.g. Copy + Paste.


    Pictures in ebooks cannot be aligned

    with text. That is, the text will be above

    and below the picture, it will not flow

    around it.

  • In your other post I gave you the link to Lulu's Guide on how to do it.

    How Do. Pull up a chair. Would you like a cup of tea? Don't sit in that chair!!
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