When will my book show up on retail sites?

How long will it take for my Print book to appear on Amazon?

Once you approve your book for retail distribution, Lulu personnel, as well as distribution printers, will review your book to ensure it meets all distribution requirements. If your book is rejected for not meeting distribution requirements, you will be notified by email that the book must be revised.


If your book meets all distribution requirements, it will be passed along to the retail sites associated with your distribution package. Please note that online booksellers update their databases monthly. Therefore it could take approximately 6-8 weeks for your book to be listed for sale on these retail sites.


Your book will start to show up on retailers’ sites 6-8 weeks after you approve the title.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your book is revised or rejected prior to distribution, the process and starts again from the beginning.


How long will it take for my eBook to appear on a retailer’s site?

When you submit your eBook for distribution, it is queued with all other eBooks awaiting review. On average, the Lulu team will review your eBook within a week of submission.


If your eBook passes the Lulu QA review, it will be submitted to the selected retailers for final review. The eBook distribution status will be updated to Listed.


If your book passes the retailer’s review, it will be queued for addition to the retailer’s online catalog and should be available for purchase in 2-4 weeks. Each retailer has their own process for reviewing, approving, and listing eBooks on their sites.


Please Note: All times are estimates and vary depending on demand.

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