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Can I place a purchase order?

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edited February 7 in Ordering

Lulu accepts purchase orders from reputable bookstores, government organizations, and educational entities.

To place a purchase order:

  1. Create a user account on Lulu.com. For more information, see Create a Lulu Account
  2. Download and complete a credit application
  3. Submit your credit application form directly from our support page.
  4. Click My Orders > I have a question about the order process > Using Purchase Orders.
  5. Click I Still Need Help.
  6. Attach your completed credit application and add any additional required information.
  7. Click Submit.

Once your credit application is approved, we will update your account. You will then be able to check out by simply entering your purchase order number, provided you are logged in to your Lulu account.

Lulu does not require a copy of your purchase order to complete the transaction. 

When you check out using a purchase order, you will receive a confirmation email listing your purchases, the order total, and the order number. You may use the information in this email to pay for your order via check. You may also print an invoice to retain for your records from your Lulu account. 

For complete instructions on placing purchase orders on Lulu.com, please download the Purchase Order Process file attached below.

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