How do I use the shopping cart?


After adding an item to your Cart, the Shopping Cart opens and you can:

  1. Click Continue Shopping to find more items to add to your cart
  2. Enter a new quantity in the item's Quantity box and click Update
  3. Remove an item from your cart by clicking Remove below the quantity box
  4. Add a coupon code and click the Apply button
  5. Click Checkout when ready to purchase your item(s)
  6. Log in to your Lulu account or use the New Customer Checkout


On the Shipping Info page you can:

  1. Add an address and click the Save & Continue button
  2. Select the address you want to use from My Address Book on the Left
  3. Change an address by clicking the Edit link below it
  4. Click the Delete link under any address to remove that address
  5. Add a new address by clicking the Add New link at the bottom of your address book
  6. Select your shipping option in the Shipping and Delivery box
  7. Click the Save & Continue button to move on to the billing step


On the Billing Info page you can:

  1. Select Paypal or Credit/Debit Card in the Payment Type section
  2. Enter credit card details when selecting Credit/Debit as your payment method
  3. Check or uncheck the box to make this your default payment method
  4. Add and store multiple Credit/Debit cards in your My Wallet on the left
  5. Add a billing address in the Billing Address box or select use shipping address
  6. Click Save & Continue to move on to Review your order


The last step in the checkout process is the Review and Place Order page, where you can:

  1. Review your order carefully to make sure everything is correct.
  2. Click the Change Shipping link to modify your address or shipping option
  3. Click the Change Payment link to modify you billing information
  4. Go back to the cart to add or remove an item by clicking the Lulu Logo located in the top left
  5. If you are using the New Customer Checkout, you have the option to create an account with Lulu
  6. Click the Place Order button to purchase your item(s)


Some useful things to know:

  • The currency of the store you are in, determines the currency you will pay in
  • Lulu's shopping cart saves your payment, shipping, and billing information to speed checkout the next time you shop
  • You can view and modify this information on the Review and Place Order page
  • Billing information can be removed at any time: Remove Credit/Debit Card info from My Wallet or My Contact List
  • Occasionally there are issues with processing Credit Cards. If you receive an email telling you we were unable to authorize your payment method, click or copy and paste the link provided in the email and make sure you enter the correct information for your payment. Once you have entered the correct information click the Save and Continue button.
  • Items on Lulu are printed as they are ordered and take time to print: How long until my order ships?
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