November Revenue Hasn't Come In Yet.

I've been publishing here for a few months now, and when December rolled around, I expected about one-hundred dollars or so to come in. So far I haven't seen it. Before anyone asks, I live in America, all my information has been filled out, and my revenue exceeded $5.00. I haven't changed my information at all, and my paypal account is still active, and in good standing. Great standing really.


So I figured it might be because of the New Year, and Lulu's offices were closed, but now it's Tuesday, things should be open, but it still hasn't arrived yet. I'm wondering if this is normal, or if something went wrong.




  • Hello MrTenacious

    Congrats on your sales.

    Have a look at this article explaining our payment processes. Where's My Money?


    PayPal payments are usually processed on the 17th of the following month. If you have a new account, the first payment could be delayed until the last business day of the following month - this initial delay helps us to detect and prevent payments to fraudulent accounts.


    The payment you receive in January will be for all sales recorded through Dec 31.


    Hope this helps explain the process.

  • Thanks!


    I've actually receieved payments before, so my account might not be that old, but I have received money before. It's just that December 31st was supposed to be another pay cycle, but that came and went, I haven't recieved anything yet, and now it says JAN 29th. It's fine that I have to wait until then, I'll have more money to use for future books, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't an error that will continue into the next pay cycle.


    Also it says nothing is in 'withholding' or anything like that.

  • The pay cycle basically states the end of revenue accrual for the next payment period. It has nothing to do with the payment date.


    As to withholding, the sales in December are for PDF eBooks. Since these books do not have ISBNs, there is no income tax withholding.

  • Ok. I understand.


    Thanks for letting me know. It's just this was the first time I didn't get the cash so soon, so I started to panic.


    Thanks again dude, take care! Smiley Very Happy

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