Can a book with latin character cover and title page but no-latin language content be published ?

If I write a book with English Book Description,Author ,Title and the title page but not-English content,such as chinese content,can It be publish  by Lulu in the online shop like Amazon,apple store etc.?


By the way ,If I use English only in the title page,what the condition wil be?


Greatful for answering my question,thx :)


  • If the Chinese characters are clearly endorsed in your PDF, then you'll have no problem. See my book Koxinga of Taiwan. The English text contains many. 

  • no worries I do this all the time Smiley Happy 

  • THX,you mean I can use chinese in the whole book except the cover and the title page and I can make it published by LULU?
  • Thx,can I ask you how do you make your book cover?in English or non-English?
  • You can include Chinese characters in the picture of your front cover, but, technically, they won't count as characters either for Lulu or distributors  

    I created the front-cover below with Photoshop. The background and the Japanese vertical banner were created separately, then the banner, that reads Ruson kara Nihongo no hon,  was pasted on the background. Finally, still with Photoshop, I wrote the title. I plan to release the book in 2016. When I do, Lulu will automatically spread the Latin title over the picture, and I'll erase Lulu's title, so that I shouldn't have two titles on my cover.

    You don't have to put the Latin title yourself. You can just create your cover picture without it, and Lulu will add it as soon as you have reached the cover creating stage. The Latin title that Lulu automatically writes on your front cover is exactly the one (author's name and title) that you entered at the beginning of your project, so you must be careful about the wording and the capital letters.Then, if you want, you can adjust its colour, font, size, position. No big deal indeed. Happy New Year  Smiley Happy



  • Thanks a lot for your patience,I feel relieved because of your answer and no more worried about itSmiley Happy


    Happy 2016 and good luck for your book!

  • You are welcome.
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