Fake downloads of printed books?

The site https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NR-AsXObPlTZ-DfQS1WLyht1CHV__Lbb3ZENjquk3Ok/edit

is offering my printed sitcom Spiffies and Loonies, Volume one for download. Oviously this is a rip-off, but I wonder why the site has the prefix docs.google.com. Does Google associate with such cheats?

Then there is some presentation that is sheer gibberish. Here is a passage: "Less oh far hot. By far Spiffies And Loonies Volume One (Volume 1) pdf download youthfully this among. Fallibly far by less when upon a. Elephant because er less much fit. Much irresolutely this so Jean-Paul G. Potet so unimaginative. Up less irrespective as endearingly withdrew arousing less the. Unlike meadowlark thus reset more more gulped. Eh this after hi up. One where far and. Since squirrel memorable sufficiently scratched. Much and far one this that noisily. Rabid firm the quetzal slept eh Download grizzly bee sexually hit. Crass express far one. Supportive some jeez horse about overlay much blubbered measurably. Much outgrew dizzy Spiffies And Loonies Volume One (Volume 1) ebook download much that remotely far that. Limpet so according ocelot walking epub download darn far far. Hey bandicoot or ran. Spun since and epub, azw, lit, pdf, mobi, kindle however cattily vulgarly. Tacit touched blew swiftly cuddled. And impassively this hey ouch unbridled."   Smiley Very Happy

The last page prompts you to buy one of the offers to get the download. 



  • Lots of companies host stuff even if only classed as being in the Cloud, and they never check to what use their space is being put to. If you recall the last place that was doing this it was on some Microsoft blog sort of site, the name of which if forget.

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