current coupon codes ?

Could someone from Lulu please post all of the current, valid coupon discount codes?


Also, will you honor competitor's coupons (such as Adorama Pix calendar coupons)?


I have an order I'd like to make, and really prefer to do it thru Lulu, and I would also prefer NOT to have to wait until next Christmas for new codes to come around again.


Thank you



  • There are coupon codes almost every day, not just at Christmas. Change your settings so that you receive Lulu promotions.


    You can also Google recent Lulu coupon codes.



    And, there is always the GETIT15. It seems to work any time and every time. 15% off.


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  • Thank you, Maggie


    I do receive Lulu promotions.  For a couple weeks, Lulu was emailing me almost every day with a new coupon.  Then a few days ago the emails stopped.  That is why I came here and wrote this post.  


    Thank you for the information - it is appreciated, especially the link.  But while thankful, I am still looking for more info that will lead to more significant savings.

  • Normally they are shown on the log in page, but you often have to scroll down, and offers vary from county to country, and you can see those, and I assume use them, by changing your country settings.

  • Current coupon codes are always listed here:


    There is always some sort of discount or offer, but many are for author self-purchases only.

  • Ok, yes, thank you - I do know about the codes at that webpage.

    However, I am not finding anything as advantageous as what was available just a week or two ago.

    I guess maybe the coupon people are on a post-holiday slump?

    Anyway, I will keep checking, as I really wuld like to order some stuff at the same price I was getting before Christmas.

  • Well they do come and go, and always have.  Smiley Happy

  • Last night I got an email about the new 30% coupon.


    The email was sent to me at 10:58pm, Pacific Time.  At 11:15 I checked the Lulu home page where the latest coupon codes are supposed to be, and the 30% coupon was not there.  I checked it again about a half hour later, and it still wasn't there. So folks shuld be advised that there are times when new, active coupon codes cannot be found on the home page, even though they are indeed active, working codes.


    Within minutes of getting that email, I logged into Lulu and made an order of around $100. That is a sale that Lulu would never had made if there had only been 15% or 20% coupons available.  Whether I buy or not really is based entirely on how much of a discount I can get.  When there are 40% discounts, I buy in greater quantities (that would have resulted in a $150 order).  When there are only 15% or 20% discounts, I just don't buy anything at all.  

  • Ironically, very often just after one has made a purchase, Lulu will email you a discount code  Smiley Surprised

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