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Hello there, I am looking for a book reviewer who reviews honestly.


Title: The God of Alpha


Genre: Science Fiction


Hello there, my name is Raleigh Daniels Jr and I was looking for a book reviewer to read and review my book, The God of Alpha, a science fiction/werewolf/superhero origin story about Michael Gilliganson is a young boy living in 1920's Georgia. His small town harbors a 2,000 year old secret that will threaten not only Michael, but those he loves most. When he meets Zoey Bridges, her secrets, and the town's, change Michael's life. Are werewolves really supernatural agents of light, tortured during their tenure on Earth? Is Michael's new friend his ally, or his greatest enemy? When Zoey uses the Badge of Alpha, a powerful device created by the Gods, Michael's life takes a dramatic turn.




  • I'm having a little trouble finding your book. Could you please place a link for a preview of your book? It sounds interesting, so i would love to read it.

  • Is anyone else interested? Reviewers are needed.

  • Congratulations on your book!


    A few small suggestions, if I may...


    The cover is nice enough but doesn't appear to be in any way relevant to the book you describe. You may want to give it more thought.


    (And I would make absolutely certain that your book's description is meticulous in its spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is the first sample anyone will have of your writing and it needs to make a good impression.)


    Page numbers properly belong only on pages of text. That is to say, there should be no page numbers until the main text begins.


    The most usual order for the front matter would be:


    The title page (your page 4)


    The copyright page (which you are missing entirely it seems: it is very important to include this)


    A dedication if any (your page 2)


    A half-title page (your page 1)


    The title page should be on a right-hand (odd-numbered) page.


    For instance, there may be a half title on page 1 followed by either a blank page or a frontispiece, the title page would then on be page 3, the copyright on page 4, the dedication on page 5, followed by a blank page, another half title on page 7, another blank page and, finally, the text starting on page 9.


    The best idea is to take a look at any commercially published novel and follow its lead so far as formatting is concerned. There are no hard and fast rules, but there are (as the pirate would say) guidelines that will help make your book look professional.


    Your text seems to be pretty well written...but it could stand to be looked over by an objective copy editor (I noticed some questionable punctuation in the opening page). I would also change the straight quotes to typographer's ("curly") quotes. That will make the book look more professional. I would also replace the space-hyphen-space you use with proper em dashes.

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  • Well, Ron Miller did notice many of the things I noticed, but I'l add a few of my own:


    As was stated in Ron Miller's bottom paragrah, there were a few gramatical errors and the story could use a bit of editing from a second trusted source. I also notice a few run-on sentences, and  few sentences that kind of jumbled together as you read them.


    I liked the Prologue, just be sure to correct any gramatical errors. There were quite a few. It's very important that this is done simply because  prologue is what an author uses to catch the interest of the reader. You don't want the reader to have a hard time reading your prologue, because chances are that they will put down your book.


    The story itself is interesting, and I like the attention to details. However, I wouldn't purchase your book simply because of the price. A story may be interesting to me, but if the price is too high, then i won't buy it. Your book is a paperback, but it has a hardback pricing. I understand we're all here to make some cash, but that's going a little steep. If you're having problems selling this book, I would suggest lowering the price.


    As Ron Miller stated, the cover design of your book needs a little more inspection. Perhaps putting art of the device you had in mind would be more relevant.


    I enjoyed the preview and I hope you do well with your sales! Congrats!

  • I read the first few lines, and I think you need to look in to just what can be found out about a person just from their Social Security Number, so is therefore not "invisible to the world." It would perhaps be better if the client had no identification at all? And no offence, but your Description tells me that the story is one that's been done to death, and speaking personally it would not attract me.

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