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I retired the project for my first book about 3 months ago but it seems it can still be purchased as a new book on Amazon and dispatched by Amazon. I understand that as long as there is the odd book remaining with some of the other suppliers that my book will still be available through them, either as remaining new stock or 2nd hand copies and therefore the image will remain on Amazon. Fair enough. However, I just checked and I can get all the way to the checkout stage (buying from Amazon itself) and there is no notice at all that the book is no longer available. 

Does this mean that Amazon will take customers payments BEFORE they notify a customer that the product is no longer available? Surely a notice must appear alongside the image sometime that Amazon itself can no longer supply the book? Or does it take even longer than the 6 - 8 weeks from retiring as quoted by Lulu? 


  • That is unusual, but are you sure it's actually an Amazon direct page? Still your own page? Or perhaps one of those 3rd parties on Amazon who claim to carry stock? (But don't.)


    By now it should be listed on the page at Amazon that Lulu set in motion as Unavailable, but it does not always carry over to those 3rd party sellers.


    Do you have the link to it on Amazon please?

  • Here's the link. I notice that the image has disappeared from Amazon USA but still remains as an available book here in the UK.



  • Well that is indeed still for sale. Are you 100% sure you Withdrew it? But looking at that page Amazon are slow at even updating their own things. It still says this >



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  • Okay, I'll give this a little longer before I query it further. Yes, I positively did retire it and looking back at my emails Lulu informed me of the project retirement with a reference no. exactly 10 weeks ago. (not quite 3 months as I previously thought)

    In the past when I've approved distribution for my books it's only taken about two weeks for it to appear on Amazon. Seems strange that it takes so long for the 'unavailable' status to appear.

    I just want to be absolutely sure that Amazon themselves can't access it anymore before I launch the new version. I would have thought it unlikely for POD books but could it be that Amazon have remaining new copies in stock?

  • Hello Marquesa

    I chatted with our distribution specialist. She had a look at your project, which is labeled as Retired in our system. She has followed up with Amazon and we are waiting for a response.  Since it is the holiday season, it may take a few days to get all the information, but we will pass it along when we learn more.


    Stay tuned!

  • Thank you Glenn!
  • Looks like it's gone at last except for the remaining independent online suppliers who claim to have stock and some are charging ridiculous prices! Thanks to whoever at Lulu sorted this out for me!

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