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Hi all, book now published though while browsing through it last night I noticed something (text) on one page that I would like to alter/improve, if I do a revision, is it just a case of altering the text or do I have to go through the whole process once again including ordering a proof copy?


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  • From Lulu's Knowledge Base:


    If I edit a previously published book, do I need a new ISBN?

    A new ISBN is required when:


    • You make significant changes to any part or parts of a published work, such as adding, moving, or removing blocks of text and/or chapters.
    • You change the title or subtitle of a previously published work.
    • You substantially change the cover design (to the extent that customers would view your book as a new product).
    • You create and publish your work in a new product format (hardcover, paperback, eBook, audio book, etc.).
    • You create and publish your work in a new trim size (change the book’s dimensions).
    • You create and publish an eBook in a different file format such as EPUB or MOBI.
    • You publish with another publisher or under a new imprint.
    • You issue a translated version of your published work.

    You do NOT need a new ISBN when:


    • You change the price.
    • You make minor corrections (spelling, grammar, typos) to an existing edition.
    • You make minor changes to the cover design of a newly published work or the change is intended to provide a marketing boost.
  • New ISBN? Not what I asked so a little confused.

    Yes, you will have to go through the process again, although you retain the same ISBN. Delete your file and add your new one. If it is a print book then you will have to purchase another proof copy. 

  • If you make changes or revisions and wish your changes to go to the versions on Amazon etc. yes you'll have to buy one proof copy. Ebooks if you make changes to the interior you don't have to buy anything just click approve or save.

  • In your case, only a revision is necessary, perhaps several. Yes, for each revision, you need to buy a proof.

  • Thank you, all of you, now understood. This is a lesson for me as in proof reading vs the eagerness to see your book in print. Read read and read again!

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  • My book has been out for 2 years now and one of my students said 'let me edit it for you." So yes read and reread. Let others read it and one trick I like to use is make a pdf of it and let the pc read it out loud using the read it option. I read along while it says each word aloud. Helped me find a lot of errors.

  • 'one trick I like to use is make a pdf of it and let the pc read it out loud using the read it option.' Neat idea! Think I'll give that a go.
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