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Good afternoon! I am new to Lulu so I am trying to make sure I have done things right. I have 3 questions reguarding Amazon.


1) I have 2 projects uploaded and ready on Lulu. I have already recieved my proof copies. I was trying to figure out how to get the projects on Amazon. I was not able to find anything online so I called Lulu and was told that if it is set to "General Access" then it will automatically go to Amazon on its own. He didn't seem too willing to help so I am not sure. I understand it will take 6-8 weeks to appear ready for sale on Amazon, but how do I know for certian it will go to Amazon? Can someone please tell me how to check this?

2) How will the author info on Amazon be from my account settings or from my author spotlight on Lulu? 


3) I already have 1 book on Amazon, is there a way to link that and the  new Lulu projects?

Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy


  • Hi,
      I have published six books on Lulu and within 4-6 weeks found them on I had clicked 'general access' and used their GlobalReach to send it to Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Ingram, Ibookstore and more... Once you click on the 'approve' button for your proof copy, it should send you to your project list where you can click on 'manage distribution'.

    You can create an Author Central Profile on, and 'search' for your own books, once you have clicked the 'add' button, they should appear on your Author Central. If you wish, you can look up my book Amethyst Attraction, by Mara Reitsma, and have a look at how it appears on Amazon, that is generally how the book will look when being viewed for purchase by the customer.

    By using Author Central you can keep track of your revenue from books published through Amazon, but it does not show any purchases made through Amazon for Lulu, for that you go to 'My Revenue' on Lulu itself. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Mara, thank you for responding! 

    I have seen elsewhere where it says something about the "approve" button after I receive my proof. I got my proofs last week and there is still no approve button anywhere. I have looked and looked. Any ideas?

    I'll take a look at your page! 



  • On your project list, find your project and look undrneath, there should be a blurb that says 'manage distribution' or approve or deny' one or the other, click on it and it will take you to a page that allows you to approve your proof, deny your proof and continue editing, or cancel.

    Failing all of that, head to the 'manage' button located to the left of you prject in your roject list, and click on it, it will tell you there in one more step, and that step is to approve or deny, follow th instructions it gives you and if you hit approve, your book will appear on Amazon in 4-6 weeks.

    You will recieve an email telling you that your book has been approved, and then you just wait and check on from time to time. Some of my books were up in 4 weeks, others were up in two, it all depennds on how many projects they recieve to add to their lists during that time.

    I'm about to order a proof copy of my latest release, so if I find anything else I forgot to add, I'll let you know.
    Hope it helps.

  • Mara, I am still not seeing any options you mention? I am so sorry! Thank you for taking time to help me!!

  • Hi, had a question regarding my work that I approved for general access back in 2008, What's Wrong With U.S.? It

    went out for general sale and is currently offered by multiple sites including Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. A friend recently saw a copy, and suggested a cover change as well as edits. My question: if we edit the content, change the cover, add pictures and graphics to content, and then re-launch the revision, what happens to the current version that is on all of the aforementioned sites? Will the new revision (with new cover) replace the current version, or will both be visible on all sites. I would assume it would keep the same ISBN number bc it is a revision?

  • The picture I saw above of the Bible projects did not have ISBN's included. If your book does not have one it will not be distributed beyond Lulu. In order for your book to be on, Barnes and Noble, etc you have to have the ISBN. Lulu will give one for free during the publising wizard or you can buy one from them or buy your own. It needs to be on your copyright page and the back cover which the cover wizard will do for you.

  • Most tell you tell if you change the cover you want to get a new ISBN. I have changed covers myself and used the same number and it updated to Amazon in about 2 weeks.
  • Great! Thank You for the help! 

  • jenifermetzger


    To get your book onto Amazon you need to choose a format which meets the distribution requirements. None of the Standard paperback formats meet the distribution requirements. You will have to start a new project and choose one under Premium Paperback which has a green check underneath it.


    When offered a free ISB by Lulu accept this and then copy and paste the ISBN into your book. Upload the book and then order your proof copy. Once your have received your proof click on Projects and then Manage and then you will be able to approve your book. It will feed through to Amazon some weeks after that.

  • What is a standard paperback? Do you mean Value?

  • In the US store it is called standard paperback.



  • Strange, I wonder why they need to label it differently? Even the description is not the same.

  • @jenifermetzger

    Hi Jenifer


    I had a look at your projects. Coil bound formats do not qualify for distribution, hence the reason you did not see an option for adding an ISBN or distributing to other retailers. When you are on the the initial book builder page, you will see green check marks next to the book formats that qualify for distribution to Amazon and other retailers.

  • @kevinlomas

    Products offered in each Lulu store are limted by the technology and printing capabilities of the printers in that locale.


    The US Standard papaerback is printed using laser jet technology, which at this time is only supported by our US printers.

  • Bummer! Thank you for the help!

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