Problem with site?

Is Lulu having site problems? I've been trying to publish a new story for the the past three hours with no success, the whole process is stalling at the upload file stage.  My internet connection is fine. I've tried refershing thebroweser, but it just won't move on.



    The same here. I've given up for now and will try tomorrow.

  • Yes, they are out again it seems.  They were a few days ago also and then it was fixed for a couple of days.  Perhaps Monday.

  • I guess the system is overwhelmed again. I have been trying to upload a book and it never gets past about 10 %. It says 'you can leave this page and we will carry on working on your book' but when you go back no progress has been made.


    It probably has something to do with the time of the year.


  • It would be great if they could give a note with something like: "system overloaded, please try again tomorrow".  I have been converting and modifying my PDF for two days thinking it was a problem with the file...


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