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Uploading large files with FTP

Lulu_Content1Lulu_Content1 Creator
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Use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to upload files larger than 300MB to My Files. The following steps provide general instructions. Please review your FTP client's help documentation for specific information about using the program.

  1. Connect to ftpupload.lulu.com with a full-featured FTP client (such as SmartFTP or FileZilla).
  2. Use your Lulu login (email address) and password for authentication.
  3. Follow the instructions in the FTP client to select and upload files and/or folders of files.
  4. Once a file uploads completely, it automatically moves into your My Files list.
  5. Successfully uploaded files no longer show in your FTP client because they are stored in My Files.

IMPORTANT:  Extremely large project files have a much higher incidence of transmission, conversion, and printing errors. To prevent these errors, the total file size of a Lulu project cannot exceed 1 GB.

Note: Our server does not support non-ASCII characters.

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