Do I have control over my book preview?

You may choose to offer a preview for your book using one of the following methods.

  • Simple
    • The first 10 pages of your work is the preview. This includes front matter such as title, dedication, and copyright pages.
  • Design Your Own
    • Determine the pages that you want the preview to include. Choose from a certain number of pages (first 5 pages, first 15 pages, the entire book) or select particular pages. Include the title page and the first few pages of your first chapter, bypassing any copyright, dedication, or table of contents pages.
      • Provide the actual page order number rather than the assigned number that prints at the bottom of a page. For example, if the first three pages of a book were a title page, a blank page, and a dedication page, the number "3" would indicate the dedication page — not, say, the 3rd page in the 1st chapter.
      • Separate numbers with commas.
      • Use a hyphen (-) to provide a range of numbers.
      • Example: "1,3,5-8" would indicate the 1st, 3rd, and 5th through 8th pages in the book.
  • Keep Current Preview
    • Keeps whatever is currently set as your preview. The default is "Simple."
  • Remove Current Preview
    • Removes the preview for your book. Your book will not have a preview.
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