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Hi everybody, I completed a thank you note which purchasers receive when they buy my book. How that happens is not indicated. None of my current three purchasers have received one. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.


  • Supposedly via email, but most of my Lulu email, that which I actually get, ends up in spam. Note that the Thank You only works for sales direct from Lulu Spotlights and no other sites.

  • I don't have a Spotlight, and until 20 minutes ago I had a Lulu Thank you note, which I get every time I buy a book. Anyone who buys your book on Lulu by doing a search or finding it on Google will get your thank you note.


    Look on the left under My Projects. Click on Thank you note and check that you have content there. If so, people will definitely get it.



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  • Well I was assuming the OP meant other people buying from his/her Spotlight. You don't need to thank yourself.

  • You get it anyway if you have one set up.

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  • Indeed. I also have one set up, but I don't get them nowadays!

    Do you recall when a young lady on Lulu staff used to send out a newsletter? I received two, then they stopped, I asked her about that, and she poked at some software and they came again. Three. Then they stopped again. Strange.


    I also cannot fathom out why all my Lulu mail (reply Notifications mainly, but also ones from the Wizards) keep going in to my spam, and that some are days late!

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