How do I provide a preview of my work?

Lulu automatically generates previews for newly published books and revisions (except for Lulu Studio™ products).


Note: When you chose a new type of preview, you lose your old preview. Make sure you have a backup of your existing custom preview before experimenting, so you can reinstate it if you wish.

  1. Click the "View or Customize your book" link in the last step of the publishing wizard
    or click the "View book preview" in your project page to see your book preview.
  2. Click the "Customize preview" link above the preview.
  3. Select your options according to the descriptions in "Do I have control over my book preview?"

Note: If you published your book before April 11, 2006, Lulu did not generate a preview. If you previously uploaded a book preview, it has not changed. If you would like to generate a new book preview, follow the directions above. If you create a new book preview and decide you don't like it, you may remove it and revert to your old, previously uploaded preview.


Previews for other content

The project status for your work must be Published or Available for sale. The maximum file size for a preview is 2MB.

  1. Prepare a preview and save it in your computer.
  2. In your Project List. click the Revise icon associated with the project.
  3. On the project detail page, click the Revise icon in the Preview section.
  4. Find your preview file in your computer and click the Upload Preview button. The project details page refreshes to show a link to the preview file in the Preview section.
  5. Click the link to your preview and make sure it is satisfactory. If not, repeat these steps.
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