International Sales and Distribution and pricing question

Hi, I have started a small publishing press and have been using CreateSpace and Smashwords so far.  I am considering Lulu because of the option for hardcover books.  This website seems a bit difficult to navigate and figure out all the pricing, however. I am in need of some explanations regarding a few things.


Where can I find some pricing information without having to upload a book?  I won't know if I want to use Lulu until I can compare prices and services, and therefore going through the process of formatting to these specifications would be time consuming and difficult only to find out that the price is not something I want to pay when I can use CreateSpace cheaper.


I am confused at the chart I was able to see because it gave some sample prices per the number of books bought at one time.  I saw a minimum order amount.  How does that work? I thought this was POD in which case books will be ordered one at a time.  Can someone explain this minimum order amount to me?


What about shipping for orders outside the US?  I have a book written by someone in the UK, but I am in the US.  This book is the main reason I am looking for another distributor, because Createspace shipping to the UK is prohibitive, which will make it hard for this author to market and sell his books in his area.  I am hoping to find a distributor with a base in both countries so that orders that need to be shipped in the UK are shipping from the UK and not from the US, and vice versa. 


Thank you for your help.


  • Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author Author

    For book formats and manufacturing costs, go to this page:

    Choose the book format, size, and enter the approximate number of pages. The manufacturing cost will display.


    We have printers in several locations around the world, including the UK. So a book ordered by a UK author will be printed and shipped from the printer closest to the shipping destination.


  • Thank you for answering my UK question. My pricing question is not answered by the link you provided, however. Like i said, i want a way to know the cost involved BEFORE i have to go through the trouble of formatting and uploading a book here. I shouldnt have to wait til then to fully understand pricing.
  • Glenn_LuluGlenn_Lulu Author Author

    Manufacturing cost is displayed on the above page based on the format you wish to print and the number of pages in your manuscript.  There is no need to progress beyond this page to view this information.


    Simply choose the format and enter the number of pages in the manuscript. The manufacturing cost will display on the page.


    Give it a go.



  • potetjppotetjp Professor Professor

    You can start a project and see what it would cost you (shipping and VAT included) at the end of the creation process. If you are no longer interested, just do not place your order. Eventually delete / retire the project from your "My Projects".

    If you do place your order,  you'll see the printed book will reach you pretty fast , and how professional the result is.

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