Can I make a Christmas cover and later change it back to normal after the holidays?

I want to make a Christmas cover for my book for the holidays. I know I can revise my book and change the cover, but I fear doing so and not ordering any proof copy in case something goes wrong.


Is it posible to change the cover and in two weeks time change it back to the one I originally had? Is it as straight forward as uploading the new copy and later re-upload (or choose from library) the original cover, or is there more of a process to making changes to already published books?


Do you think this is a risky thing to do?


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy


  • Is it really worth it? If your books are being distributed beyond Lulu don't forget that it could take several weeks for the changes to feed through.

  • Only on, so no problem there Smiley Happy But then again, might not be worth the effort. A simplye holiday discount might be enough Smiley Happy

  • If your book is only being sold on Lulu, you should not have to purchase a proof copy and approve it - unless it includes an ISBN. In this case, the change will be almost immediate.



  • What is the book about? If it's not about Xmas then why would it have an Xmas cover on it? I know that many companies do it with goods, Coke for example, but everyone knows what's in a Coke container, whereas a book cover should be a clue as to its contents because people have no idea.

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