How do I choose a Distribution package?

If your print or eBook includes an ISBN and meets all distribution requirements, you can choose to distribute it to online retailers. For more information about our print and eBook distribution options, see Sell Your Books Everywhere.


Important Note: For printed books, you must purchase and approve a proof copy before your book will be queued for distribution.


To choose distribution options:

1.  Log into your account

2.  Go to My Projects to view your project list.

3.  Click the Manage distribution icon for the project.


Note: If your book does not include an ISBN, you will not see the Manage icon.



4.  Select the Distribution package to apply to your book.

5.  Read and agree to the GlobalREACH distribution Terms and Conditions.

6.  Congratulations! Your book is now queued for distribution and will be available for purchase on retail sites in 6-8 weeks.


Additional Information

Print Book Retail Distribution Requirements

eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines


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