Adding/Revising a Discount

A discount can be applied to or edited for a print project in the Publishing Wizard or from the My Projects > Details page. This discount only applies to your project in the Lulu Marketplace. It does not affect the sale price of projects with Distribution. Discounts cannotbe applied to eBook projects.

The discount you apply decreases the Net Profit on the sale of each book, which in turn decreases your revenue. Please keep in mind that the discounted price cannot be lower than the Base (Production) Price.

To add a discount:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Go to My Projects and click on the project title.
    3. On the project details page, scroll down to the Pricing and Creator Revenues section and click the Edit button. The section expands allowing you to adjust the project's price and apply a discount.

    4. Click the Set Discount button and select a discount percentage from the drop down box.

    5. The box on the left displays how the pricing and the discount will appear to customers.
    6. When you have chosen the discount amount, click Set Discount. If you choose not to apply a discount click the link to Cancel the process.
    7. The price calculator displays how the discount affects your revenue.

    8. If you are satisfied with the amounts, click Save Changes. To make adjustments click the Set Discount button and repeat the above steps.

      Note: If your book is in distribution, you will see a Next button instead of Save Changes. When clicked you will be asked to approve the changes before the discount is applied to your bookstore listing. Price changes, as well as edits to book descriptions do not require the purchase of a new proof copy, but you must approve the changes before they are sent to retailers.
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