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Private publishing within a Group



We are a Group of aporox 2500 Rotarians in South East UK.  Until 3 years ago we annually printed a Directory of members details.  This was a private publication for members only.  in 2012/13 this went online only with members needing a user id and password to gain access to the Directory details.  


However, a number of members perhaps between 25-50% or members have been pleading for a printed directory again.  Lulu makes total sense for providing an on demand printiong option.  However, I want to allow members ONLY to order and pay for a printed copy.  Is there a way of restricting the purchase of such a publication from LULU, by use perhaps of a OFFER Code which either allows of deny's a purchase?  So that I could let a member upon request have (or preferably generate a unique) an offer code?  Is this possible?




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