Interesting ...

In Shameless there's an advert for editing services.


The first  link seems to be an E-bay page asking $5 for the lady's brochure. A bit of a cheek?


The next link is to one that states $10 per 1500 words. For one of my own novels that would have cost around $500. Although it does state "rewrite or format ..." A rewrite is not exactly the job of an editor. Their job is to point out possible improvements (in the use of Englsih too.) No? It's also not their job to do the formatting. But is it $10 per 1500 words for editing and $10 per 1500 words for formatting? $20 if you have both? It's not clear.


Unless you do further clicking which brings you to this >>  Which explains it all better, but is fiverr not for items that only cost $5? The $5 tags on her pages are deceptive.


In a nutshell a service offer such as this should have it's own dedicated site?


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