Delay to Amazon?

What's anybody's experience with the time for a book to appear on Amazon?


I published a book with Lulu in the middle of July, but it's still not appeared anywhere but here and Google books. Of course things take some time, but this does seem a bit excessive - a previous book (through a conventional academic publisher) was up within about week.




  • Yes, that is excessive.


    Look next to your project and check if there is a yellow alarm sign. If there is read the message, correct the problem and reupload. If there is not, contact Support. They will look into it.

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  • Thanks Maggie - no flags visible - and it's definitely uploaded and printing okay, as I have a copy here.


    I'll contact support.




  • Ah, bother, I've just got to the bottom of it.


    Turns out that I *thought* as it was printing and available on Lulu, I'd fully approved the book.


    Turns out that there was another stage of approval I had to go through for it to be released for global distribution.  That was rather well concealed to be honest.


    However, I think that's done now, so hopefully just wait a bit longer.

    Thanks for the help again.



  • Mine have never taken more than 2 or 3 weeks to hit Amazon. It adds it in parts such as cover, then blurb, then price etc. So over a few days. I did have one that didn't show on Barnes for over a month. But they do say six to eight weeks. But my experience 3 weeks is the norm for Amazon.

  • Thanks for that - helpful.

    It looks anyhow like it was my failure to confirm the last stage of book approval that I didn't know about that was the problem, so I'll keep an eye on it now.

    Your description of information coming through in drabs onto Amazon over about 3 weeks is pretty much my experience for my Springer textbook, so hopefully now I've cleared the logjam, much the same will happen here.


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