When will my eBook be available/unavailable on other retailer sites?

Due to the high demand and popularity of eBooks we are currently unable to provide a specific date for when your ebook will become available in each distribution outlet.


E-Book distribution is a multi-step process that requires a review from Lulu and the eBook retailer. When your book passes the retailer’s review, your eBook will be queued to be included in the retailer’s next site catalog update. The only means of verifying whether a title is listed on a retailer’s website is to search for the title.


Helpful hint: Searching by the eBook’s ISBN, without the dashes, will return a list of all sites on which the eBook is currently offered for sale.


Click the Manage button next to your project title to track its progress. If your book remains in the Processed status for more than four weeks, please contact our Support Team. We will attempt to locate your eBook in the process and provide you with additional information on your eBook’s distribution status.


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