Why should I provide a preview of my work?

Previews serve as significant marketing tools for your content. They allow your potential customers to listen, see, or read a little sample of your work before buying it. It's the same as putting on headphones in the record store and listening to music or thumbing through a book at the bookstore.


The maximum file size for previews is 2MB.



Book previews are excerpts from your book. At Lulu, customers can view images of the pages in your book as they appear in the printed version. We automatically generate previews for all newly published books as well as new revisions. The number of pages in this preview depends on the size of the book, but the automatically generated preview is fewer than 10 pages.


eBook previews must be uploaded as either PDF or EPUB files. You can create a preview EPUB file by creating a new eBook project and choosing the Keep Private availability option. On the file upload step upload the portion of your manuscript you wish to provide as a preview. Convert the file, download and save it on your computer. Go to My Lulu and click on the project title to open the project details page. You can then upload the saved EPUB preview file in the Preview section. You can then delete the preview file project from your My Lulu page.




You may have noticed that thumbnail images of the monthly pictures decorate the back cover of a calendar sold in a bookstore. Many customers like to see all the images in a calendar before purchasing it. We suggest uploading a PDF or a single image file containing small versions of all your calendar images.
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