To revise published book

According to the advise I got it said in order to revise a published book I was to CLICK ON MY PROJECTS and then CLICK CREATE NEW REVISION BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE TO MAKE CHANGES to my project

WELL  where the hell is this button ???????? I can't find it anywhere?????



  • First, in your list of Projects, you have to click Revise.

    How Do

    Top right. It says create revision. Then just follow the steps to the end.

  • I replied to that about 3 mins after it had been posted. I wonder if the OP did it or not?

    How Do
  • I found that if you have selected ISBN distribution then... there is no button when you go to the Revise page itself.  

    Instead you need to go: Projects | Revise | then click the "Deny/Approve" button | then on resulting the Deny/Approve page there a middle button which is the required "Make a revision" button.  

    This takes you back into to the main setup workflow, where you can upload a new book-file PDF (most likely because you realised that you needed to put the ISBN on the copyright page to get distribution), and/or change out the covers.

  • This is correct, if you've selected distribution, you'll need to approve or deny the proof before you can revise the project.
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