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Why must I purchase a proof copy?

Lulu_Content1Lulu_Content1 Author
edited February 19 in ISBN/Distribution

The proof copy is a last minute check for errors before the final published work is sent into the distribution system. Use this opportunity to read through the entire book again, looking for spelling, grammar, formatting, and page number errors.

If you make any changes to your book you must purchase a copy of this newly revised version.

If you have to revise a book after having approved it for distribution it is possible that the book will show up as "unavailable" while it goes through the publishing process again.

Note: This copy of your book will vary slightly from the books produced through distribution channels. Lulu has partnered with multiple print on demand (POD) vendors for printing books: some print books ordered through Lulu; others print books ordered through our distribution channels. This proof copy will be identical to all copies of your book purchased through Lulu. Unless you purchase your book through an online retailer you will not receive a copy from a wholesaler's printer.

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