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When I click on print ready file the result contains two blank pages out of 119 and several text gaps. This is in spite of using lulu template and adjusting page size as directed. New at this game!


  • This sounds like a formatting issue with your file. I would turn on "Show Non-printing Characters" in Word to reveal some of the formatting on the page (it's the button on the command ribbon called a 'pilcrow' - ). Most likely, there are some Page or Section Breaks creating the space on your PDF, that you wouldn't see on your Word file.

  • many thanks Paul, thought I had removed section breaks. Will come back after adjustment.
  • You can also use dopdf with MS word to make pdfs. I found that works better than uploading the document. Just my opinion.

  • Thanks again. I have spent days doing as you suggest but still the PDF version has two extra lines added half way through the book that throws pages out of sinc.

  • Thanks shadowmonkey, tried this but DOPDF say they only accept up to 10Mb and my script is 20.8 including illustrations.

  • If you save your file as a PDF on your computer, do you see the same spacing issues?  If so, the issue could be with the formatting in your manuscript.


    Here are some additional things to look for:

    Are you using hard returns or page breaks to advance to the next page?

    Does your Heading style include a page break before in the style settings?

    Is there "Next Odd Page" or "Next Even Page" section break before the blank pages?


  • Thanks Glenn. Have attempted to convert to PDF via Doxillion and produced a wide mixture of font styles and sizes. Dedication page printed 3 lines on top of each other. I need help and have asked the professional Lulus but no reply yet. This formatting is harder than practicing medicine!.

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