Problems With Lulu Website

Is anyone else having a problem with the Lulu website - landing pages don't work, eg buy book to start the distribution process or view an ebook after publication?


I published an ebook recently which is not on my Author Spotlight page and cannot be found by searching for the title. However, clicking on View under My Projects does bring up the book.


I have submitted a support ticket but was just wondering if anyone else is having these problems. I am using Firefox.


  • Hi Sandra,


    We've been having some issues with books becoming immediately available after completing a draft or revision. If you wait about 10 minutes, it will come up for you to purchase. 


    The book that isn't showing up when you search is another issue, and is something our support staff should be able to resolve for you.

  • Hi Paul,


    Not sure if it's the same issue Sandra is having, but I've been trying to buy books immediately after publication all week, only to be told my cart is empty after I click on buy. I just tried again now. I usually have to wait about an hour, come back and buy the book.




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  • Maggie,


    Yup, same issue. We're working on figuring out why this is happening and how to correct it. So far, everyone's been able to buy their book, it's only a matter of waiting for our site to get caught up.



  • Ok, thank you.

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