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ISBN Disadvantages?

I'm working on my first book and would like to know if there are any "disadvantages" in getting an ISBN for my book? Thanks for your input.





  • I can't think of any. Without an ISBN you can only sell in the Lulu bookstore. With a (free, if you want it) ISBN your book can be distributed to many different bookstores.

  • The one disadvantage is if your book reaches Amazon, and you ever want to make it unviewable to the public, it is impossible. Amazon keeps a public record of all books ever published on their site. Even if they are out of print.



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  • That's true Maggie, but the reason they do it is because there are almost always links to other sellers who may still have some in stock, or are selling used copies. Now I know the former sounds strange with POD books, but some sellers do insist they have our books in stock, even though they have never bought any! I think they have an automatic tool that snatches book adverts from off Amazon and places them on their own pages. Like those who then add 5,000% to the price. But it is possible someone on Amazon has a used one in stock. Who knows?


    Although this is still in publication this example shows what I mean about clicking the other sellers' link



  • Thanks for the helpful replies.  If I get a Lulu ISBN, will I still be able to change the price (at least on Lulu's site) in the future?




  • Hi Kevin,


    Thank you :-)




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