A question about base price for print books

Does anyone know why the base price for print books in distribution is higher than on Lulu. I made a print book which Lulu said would have a base price of $ 1.89 and it did, on Lulu, but the base price for distribution was $ 2.14. That $0.25 makes a huge difference to the selling price you need to set, with Amazon taking half of the selling price as their cut.


I thought books distributed to Amazon were printed by Amazon. Surely their base price should be lower than Lulu's?


I find print books extremely frustrating. It is difficult to set a reasonable price and earn a decent royalty. I wanted to charge $4.99 for my book but that would have given me a royalty of $0.28. I can get more than that for a $0.99 ebook!


I know that loads of people here make print books. What am I missing? Do you all bulk buy and sell them yourselves or do you manage to sell at what would appear to be prohibitive prices?


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