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rgb or cymk images

I have been making calendars on Lulu for a few years now and a couple of times I have had problems with the pinks having a blue cast to them.  When I contacted Lulu about this they said that I need to have the images in CYMK format rather than RGB.  Is that still the case?  I need them quickly this year and don't have time to mess with a misprinted one.  All of my images are in RGB format, so I would need to learn how to convert them, but I was wondering if perhaps this is no longer a problem for Lulu?  Below is an example of an image that I THINK I converted to CYMK, but I am not sure if it will work or not.  The last thing I want is for my pink flowers to be blue!!  


Gunter Mountain Photography


  • You can convert images using free photo-editing software.


    This is what is stated in knowledgebase:



    Should I use CMYK, RGB or grayscale images?

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    Depending on which type of binding you choose for your book, there are different ways to optimize your document for print.

    • For all black and white books the source document and images should be in grayscale mode.
    • For full color books, the source document and/or images should be in the original color-space. If it was created in RGB, it is not necessary to convert it to CMYK and vice versa.
      • If your full color book contains black and white images, set each black and white image to grayscale.


    Images for eBooks should be created and added to your document in RGB. Most images created on computers are created in RGB. Paint on a PC and Preview on a Mac should be able to show you.

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  • Thanks for this information.  I assume it is the same for calendars?  Is this different than it has been in the past, as I have had to return some calendars due to the bluish tinge and I don't want to waste time and money this year.  ;-)  Mine OR Lulu's.  

  • Most images taken by digital cameras, or scanned, are normally defaulted to jpg.


    RGB is what TVs and monitors display regardless ot the image type they are displaying. (Some TVs now apparently also use CYMK and some other colour, because RGB is not enough.)


    But for printing CYMK is sort of old-school when images were spilt in to those colours (and black) for the use of over-lay printing via plates. Modern printing does not do that now, and definitely not Print On Demand.


    To be honest, my 20 year old art software is defaulted at 24 bit '24,000,000 colours' jpgs, not three and not four (or even five counting black.) At at least 300dpi. (If I select CYMK after I have created the art, it will create many images of each CYMK and black.colour, which are useless unless you are Andy Warhol.)

    So I just create a jpg. That's all I need to know and they work for me.

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