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 i released my book through lulu this past January and now am trying to get an eBook version created in time for a release just before the christmas season. the thing is, it's a book of poetry/prose and there are no chapters/sections to the book; its just a large collection of pieces arranged in chronological order. But the website eBook generator continues to tell me that it needs chapters/sections, which i can't put in because it would confuse and screw up my book completely. 


 Is there a way around this?


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    Yes. Assign Heading Style 1 to your title and the word Copyright on your copyright page. If you have an About the Author page you can assign H1 to that also.



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  •  i would put the words of what each section of poetry is about like the poetry of .... or just break them down and make the heading of chapters as chapter one two and so on thats what i would do if i was me.

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    Not everyone wants chapters. There are none in my print fiction books. But for ePubs created at Lulu it's insisted on. But the Wizard will accept the bare minimum as Maggie suggested.

  • I am trying to a book of poetry & prose on LuLu ebooks that has no chapters, but I continue to receive a message that I am in need of setting up chapters. 


    I would like to know how my book can be approved without including unneccessary chapters.


    I am lookng forward to your response.


    Stephen Pollard

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    You will find the answer in this and many other threads.

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