Helps for creating a book.


I want to upload my manuscrip at some point soon, for a book and have chosen the size etc.for it, I also have some drawings to add which are more greyscale - would this be classed as colour or black and white? Also is the numbering of pages done after uploading my work or before. Although I had a previous publication with Lulu some years ago a friend did the layout of my work for Lulu via their account so this is my first personal attempt to self publish. I also need to work out how to create a cover, I have some ideas but it may be more of a challenge to put them into practice, I was a late comer to the internet/ technology hence the questions.

Many thanks any helps appreciated Smiley Happy





  • Grayscale images can be created in the B&W format, but make sure you order and review a proof copy to ensure the images print properly. You may need to adjust them to lighten or darken them once you see them in print.


    As to page number, you must do those before you upload your manuscript.


    Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.

  • Many thanks Glenn for your reply. I'm still on the edge of publishing and rather nervous, being a first timer. I got as far as choosing book size etc. and downloading my manuscript, which I've edited and hopefully formatted to comply with Lulu requirements etc. but could not then seem to access my work to review and check if everything looked okay or needed any adjustment before going ahead. So at length I deleted my project, for the time being. Although I've done the hard work I considered  professional help here but I've no idea of the rates and cannot seem to find that information.

     Any tips or help much appreciated Smiley Happy 

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