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I'm working on a book consisting of Christian thought and Taoism. I know to many Christians this may seem wrong. But Taoism in it's earliest form was "observational science" and not religion. The early Jews saw nature the same way except that they saw and believed in an intelligent being beyond all of that. I saw a couple of books on this on Amazon that were nothing but replacing Tao with the word God and just publishing the Tao Te Ching. I want to go into much more detail showing God's laws in nature etc. I was thinking of maybe "The Taoist Christian: Laws of Heaven and Earth." Or "Reflections of a Taoist Christian." Sort of a play or part 2 of my first book. The second one would allow me to use this pic for my cover. Any constructive advice?




  • This is a great title - The Taoist Christian: Laws of Heaven and Earth

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