Revenue is gone

Hello, I am an author who uploaded some ebooks and made a little money. One day I tried to redraw them but I couldn't really figure it out how. A few weeks later, when I had time and after a I documented myself I acces my revenue section from my accound and any date I set it shows 0 usd..... I can't see how many pcs from each book was sold either. I live in Europe.


What happened? If you encountered this problem please tell me what do I need to do to fix it.


Thank you in advance Smiley Happy


  • Perhaps you need to change the month in the icon calender to cover a larger time period?


    Or a Paypal payment was issued or check sent? Click on Payments on left to see what you are due.

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  • If you go to My Revenue and click on Build A Custom Report (under the graph) you can see you all time sales report.

  • I had a look at your account, but I do not see any orders in your sales and revenue report for this year. If you think this is in error, please contact our support team so that someone in our accounting team can investigate.

  • I can assure you it was all there... at "my revenue" section I had the table with revenue on each book and one day was all gone, account is completely empty... i have only the uploaded books. What happened? Can somebody please investigate this issue?

  • If that is the case, you must submit a request to our support team so that our accounting department can investigate. I do not have access to provide further information than what displays in your account.


    Here is a link to correct support category. Ciick the I Still Need Help button to open the request form.

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  • I am having the same problem! I had sold 6 items, with about 40 dollars of revenue, and now it's all gone.

  • It is always possible that the order was returned and refunded, which is even possible with e-books if people are dissatisfied with them. (Strange but true.)


    I don't know about other countries, but sites within and that will take orders from and ship to the UK have to abide by the Distance Selling Regulations, which now means people have the right to return something within 30 days, even if they have simply changed their minds.

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