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A friend of mine suggested I publish my book directly through Amazon using their 70% model (on my $8.99 ebook it yields $6.29) over Lulu which is significantly better profit than the $5.15 distribution fee + $0.38 Lulu fee for a profit of $3.46.  I am promoting both Lulu and iBooks in my materials, but I keep getting asked for Amazon.


I wish that Amazon had fees similar to iBooks which takes $2.70 distribution.


Is there something I am not realizing about discontinuing Amazon through Lulu and distributing directly with Amazon?  Is there anything from Lulu's standpoint prohibiting me from doing this?  Personally I would prefer not to go, but to have the two options differ by 30% of the book's value make me begin to look at this alternate model.






  • To my knowledge if you publish directly to Amazon, you will make more profit. But your book will be on Amazon only . Going through lulu it will be on Amazon, Ingrams, Barnes,Itunes, Inook, and many more world wide. You make less profit true, but there is much more exposure with Just my two cents.

  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    If you use the 70 % royalty method on Kindle your ebook needs to be exclusive to them so you will have to unpublish it on Lulu (if it is already published) or make it exclusive to Kindle if you start a new project.


    The advantage of publishing directly to Kindle - apart from the higher royalty - is you can check your sales daily and you can either discount your book or make it available free for a set number of days in each 90 day cycle. Also, people can borrow your book and you will be paid half a cent for each page that they read.


    If you opt for the 30 % royalty on Kindle the book need not be exclusive to Kindle and you can then publish the book on Lulu to be distributed to all of the channels with the exception of Kindle. There is nothing to prevent you doing this.

  • And can't you still publish your ebook on Amazon through Lulu? You just have to manually opt Amazon in to the distribution. I think I'm right.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I stopped Lulu Dist to Amazon for my e-books because Ingram seems to strip out the TOC. I publish direct, and, no offence Lulu, but it's a far better tool at Amazon, but you do have to use Word's own TOC tool.

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