books disappeared

I just logged into my Author's Spotlight and I see that my 3recent books have disappeared. Can anyone tell me where they have gone they were there yesterday!  No sign of them when I search either!!! They are only in my projects.


  • Same thing has happened to me. Not in the search, not in keywords, not even Spotlight. What gives??
  • hi everyone, my ebooks and also recent paperback books have gone too on both my writing profiles on here. i'm a bit worried. thought i'd been hacked at first but on searching it appears many books have gone on many people. what gives lulu? please help.

  • There appears to have been a glitch in the system last night that corrected itself. I will follow up with our Engineering team to discover if they are aware of this occurrence and what caused it. We apologize for any panic this may have caused.
  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile

    Thanks Glenn, the books are back but the reviews are wrong. Is there still a glitch?

  • Can you provide a little more information about the statement "The reviews are wrong?"

  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile

    I put the review on yesterday for the book Mr Pink  and it was fine but today when I checked it  (when the book reappeared) it was completely different and it had blank pages which I hadnt put on and the text was in the wrong place. I will check it again tomorrow on another computer.

  • Do you mean the preview?

  • my books appear fine now. will report her eif any issues. thanx Glenn.

  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile

    sorry-- Yes I meant the preview . I have just checked and the preview looks fine now, Thanks Glenn.

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