sent my w8ben form in and had no reply yet


hi ive sent the w8ben form to claim my 30% tax back on my books. this cash is owed to me from my 1st sale back in 2008 to now. please check the form and give me my book tax back by paypal. thanx nick armbrister.


old case no: reflithium00D506zQ6._50050fkhsr:ref


was it recieved ok? not had any reply. thanx nick.


  • I contacted our accounting team. They have not received a W-8BEN tax form for your account.

    When and how did you submit the completed form? 


    When we receive and process your W-8BEN, there will be no US income tax withholding on future sales. There is no provision for refunding taxes on past sales.

  • hi Glenn i sent it a few days ago by the lulu online revenue page with email details and an attachment where it allows you to attach it and then sent it.

    i got an email at my own email address saying it had been sent. i'll have to resend it again. thanx.
  • If you sent it a few days ago - it would have been Friday - so it just hasn't been processed yet.

    Give it a few more days before you resend.

  • will resend this friday so it looks like they got it then. thanx.

  • Hi Nick

    The accounting team let me know that they did indeed receive your W-8BEN.

    They will respond to you today.

  • just got a reply now thanx.

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