Permissions in progress...

So, in my current novel, there are a lot of references to the works of Rex Stout, namely the Nero Wolfe novels. Someone comes up with a manuscript that appears to be an unpublished Nero Wolfe novel, and unfortunately it proves to be a pastiche. There is a lot of discussion of Stout's characters and style, including a few citations from the challenged document.


Bullets fly, cars are chased, things get broken into, blood is shed.


I'm getting down to the final parts of the writing process. I have a few scenes that need to be filled out and fleshed in, and a few rewrites to do, but I'm reaching towards my target length, and expect to be finished soon.


Of course, I need permissions. I'm using Stout's characters whenever I quote from the challenged manuscript. After a lot of research, and six months of email exchanges with the Werowance of the Wolfe Pack, I have finally gotten my request in front of the Stout family, who hold the copyright.


There are two issues left -- they may not be able to grant permission, due to an agreement with a novelist who writes full length Nero Wolfe novels under license, or they may not be willing to permit my specific usage.


But... If I do get permission, my contact with the Wolfe Pack may allow me access to a ready-made readership. The Wolfe-Pack's semi-annual Gazette (newsletter) has expressed some interest in publishing my first chapter as an article. Discussion pending. No promises, and no payment, but publicity is where we find it.


So now I wait... On bated breath... And write... And edit... And polish...


Wish me luck...


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