2015.28 Release Notes

Today's release includes a major improvement to the file conversion process, clarifications for VAT-exclusive pricing, and enhancements to the shopping experience.


PDF Print-Ready File Normalization

A quick search of the internet reveals nearly 100 different tools an author can use to create a PDF file of their manuscript. Some are free, very basic converters while others are costly and feature-rich creation tools. The availability of so many tools to accomplish the same task results in PDF files of varying quality being uploaded and sent to our print partners.


With this release, we will begin analyzing and normalizing both interior and one-piece cover file uploads to detect errors in Print-Ready files during the book creation process. Analysis and file normalization will correct formatting errors in uploaded PDF files by automatically flattening layers, removing transparencies / hidden annotations, and correcting trim size. It will also identify and alert authors of problems such as low resolution images, unembedded fonts, and line art or fonts that are too small to print clearly.


As a result, authors will receive more useful information about their files when a problem is detected. Additionally, the resulting print-ready files will be created using a single standard resulting in higher quality printing.


VAT-Exclusive Pricing

We continue clarifying VAT-exclusive pricing on Lulu.com. In addition to seeing VAT-exclusive prices on a book's product page, shoppers will also see this messaging in search results and in the shopping cart. Authors will be made aware of VAT-Exclusive pricing when they set and/or modify their book's price.


Other Enhancements to Make Life Better

  • To reduce the number of shipping errors caused by incorrect State/Province entries, we removed the default value from this dropdown list in the shopping cart. Users must now choose a state or province to proceed to the next step. 
  • When applying a coupon code or changing the quantity of books in the shopping cart, users may now either click the update buttons in the shopping cart or simply use the Enter key on their keyboard.



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