My Revenue Page and the Apply Button

Hello all,


Last month I had some revenue from sales, which never got sent out to me. I noticed this morning that there are two dates (starting and finish) listed and an apply button. The dates are June 15 to July 14 (today). Am I supposed to click on that apply button, and how should I choose the dates?


I'll thank you all in advance for your assistance as my internet connection is temporarily down at home and I might not be able to get back here for a day or two.


  • The default display setting for the revenue page is for the last 4 weeks.


    If you would like to see the revenue earned last month, change the start date to June 1 and the end date to June 30 - then click the Apply button.

    Similarly if you would like to view all revenue since the beginning of the year, change the Start date to January 1 and click the Apply button.


    Here is some additional information about revenue and payments: Sales and Revenue Tutorial

  • Okay, thank you! That really helps!

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