Table of Contents thing will not work correctly

The table of contents generator, or whatever it is called, won't work properly. It keeps returning this:


  • Other_ways_to_ego_boost
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is a nerd?
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Power Assertive Behavior
  • Other Ways to Ego Boost
  • Internet Tough Guys
  • Ego Boost Denied
  • Video Games Don’t Cause Violence
  • Case Study #1: StarCraft
    • How to Avoid Nerds in StarCraft
    • StarCraft Ban Criteria
  • Case Study #2: League of Legends
    • Checklist of Symptoms
  • Case Study #3: Halo/Call of Duty
  • Conclusions
  • Works Cited

Why is there something shown as "Other_ways_to_ego_boost" at the top of this? This appears nowhere in my document and is a redunant header of the actual chapter title which seems to appear correctly in the table of contents. Why is it picking up a phantom of this and putting underscores after each word?


  • Just conducted an experiment. Removed that chapter heading from my book completely. Yet the top one with the underscores is still there. Makes no sense.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    The software thinks that is your title. Probably because it's the very first line of your document. Is this possible?


    If that is  not the case, then download a free epub editor and generate toc from Headings, enter your metadata, etc.


    It's easier than it sounds.

     A citizen of the world.


    When there is not a title set to Heading Style 1 on the first line of the document being converted, the next place the program looks for the title is in the file properties.  Open the document and view its properties to see if this is where that TOC entry is being pulled.


    BTW - if your title is not on the first line of the manuscript and there is not a title in the Properties field, the TOC entry for the eBook title will be <untitled>.

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