2015.24 Release Notes

Our last maintenance release focused on our Lulu Jr. product. It included a redesigned website, new product pages, and an updated shopping experience. This week's release focuses on enhancements and site maintenance for the Lulu.com site.


Anonymous Shopping Carts

Have you ever found yourself adding books to your shopping cart in the Lulu.com bookstore before you have logged into your account? This isn't a problem if you log in during checkout, but if you logged in while you were still shopping, you would find your cart had been emptied. This week we updated the shopping experience to make sure all of your carefully selected books are retained in your cart regardless of when you log into your Lulu.com account.


VAT Messaging

Most shoppers outside of North America expect listed retail prices to include taxes. Lulu does not include tax in the displayed price for several reasons; the most important being we do not know which country’s tax rate to display until the user enters their shipping and billing information during checkout. To better communicate VAT exclusive pricing, we have updated product pages to indicate the displayed prices do not include taxes.


Future maintenance releases will continue to improve our VAT messaging for both shoppers and authors.


eBook Distribution: Kindle and Kobo

We recently discovered a technical issue in our data feed to the Amazon Kindle and Kobo distribution channels, which was resolved in this week’s release. We apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience while we worked with our distribution partners to resolve the problem.


ISBN Validator 

We updated our ISBN validation to recognize new ISBN prefixes such as those used by Italian authors who bring their own ISBNs.

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