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More problems

In the five years I have been with Lulu, I have never had any problems whatsoever but, relating to my last post re. a tiny error I made and trying to get the order stalled, I am now locked out of my projects. If I try to revise anything the next page freezes, if I try to look for the project which I am trying to have the order stalled on, it is not recognisable. While trying to revise on the particular project, which is a paperback, details for a hard cover has also emerged and I cannot get rid of that. Finally on my home page, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it has appeared on the 'manage' section. When I press that, it asks me to click on a link to sort it but the link only freezes me in the same spot.

Basically I am 'locked out' almost certainly my own fault, what can I do, or shall I have to wait until the office staff come at 9am, their time, 2pm British time?




  • Any Lulu staff online? I am just asking for an order to be held so I can add the letter 'y' to the spine of the book plus I appear to have been locked out of one of my projects, "Greenlaw - An Ancient County Town"


  • Hi James

    No worries.

    Erin is going to respond to you through your support case.

  • Thanks again Glenn, Erin mentioned, the team would have a look and work on it to solve the problem.

    Regards, James
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