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How quiet it is

The forum gets quieter and quieter, I wonder what the reasons are?

The help files being good enough for people not to need further help?

People simply setting straight off via Create not realising there's a forum? Not even noticing the Learn tab or the Help options (that does not list the forum)?

More people paying Lulu to do some or all of it?


It would be interesting to know because it could be a guide to the quality of books being created at Lulu now.



  • I have also noticed a dropoff of support related questions on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.


    It's probably due to the support team being pretty much caught up - i.e. answering in 2 days or less in most cases.

    We also added order and delivery phone support for US customers a few months ago.  I think the combination of those two items has led to fewer support questions being posted here.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    I have also noticed a dropoff of support related questions on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.


    It's probably due to the support team being pretty much caught up - i.e. answering in 2 days or less in most cases.


    Possibly, but I recall when Lulu had a 24/7 live help 'chatbox' manned also by humans but the forum was still very very active with both old and new posters. Not to mention far more areas to post in..


    We also added a order and delivery phone support for US customers a few months ago. 


    That can be useful I am sure, but that's not for help before people get that far.


    I think the combination of those two items has led to fewer support questions being posted here.


    Perhaps, but has there been a drop off of people actually using Lulu? Do you have stats about the split between people who DIY and those who use Lulu's paid for Services?


    I also just wonder if self-publishing is dropping off. But this perhaps proves otherwise >>  http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/authors/pw-select/article/63455-surprising-self-publishing-statistics.html   Based only on Amazon stats though.


    I wonder if that only relates to writers who used to be published by major publishing houses who have now gone independent. I suspect it's hard to find out how many are newbies at it, of the type who use places that have Wizards and such like, and it costs nothing, and the already established writers.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    I think the fact that the forums are not as easy to find as previously is contributing. There used to be a Forum button on every page. No drop down. Easy access.


    I miss it. The busyness of it.

     A citizen of the world.

  • I have been an administrator of a hobby-related phpbb forum site with roughly one thousand members for the past eleven years and have seen a significant downhill slide in user activity there too in recent years. I have wondered whether the rise of social media like Facebook, etc. have contributed to the phenomenon. Hard to say I suppose. One wonders too if a younger generation is more inclined to consumption rather than creation?

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    The thing is Lulu still has millions of users creating on their own. Not all the questions here were support-related. Many just needed DIY tips.


    I think a people based setting such as this actually draws more customers for Lulu. It's a good thing. Privately resolved support is necessary, but it's not a draw. The forums are free advertising for Lulu: It shows real people helping real people. Human reactions and interactions.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Or, maybe you guys are too good at helping people....


    Based on stats for the English forums, traffic is normal, but it seems people are searching for and finding the answers they seek without needing to post a question. The image below are stats for the past 4 weeks in the English forums.



    May Forum Traffic.png

  • I cannot access my original account and need to publish an up-dated copy of my poetry book 'Is Poetry a Science: Order in Chaos', by Angela Mary Lisle first published in 2011. 

  • Hello AngelaLisle

    Do you remember the email address you used to create the original account?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It is fascinating to see people give kudos to staff who have not worked at Lulu for years and to people who have not used Lulu for years.


    Dare I also suggest that perhaps the people self-publishing now have a higher IQ so understand the help they find already on forums?   Smiley Surprised

  • Yeah the forum is a little more difficult to find. It's easy now but I would prefer a button at the top of the page like before instead of the drop down.

  • I have been an author on Lulu for quite awhile and currently have eighty-two short stories published.

    My  idea is that it is harder to find the User Forums button. It is listed at the very bottom of the left hand side under Resources.

    To me this makes it difficult for people to find the Forums, especially if they are in a hurry like I aways am.

    After the User Forums button was moved, I assumed that  it had been removed completely. Finally, after searching for several minutes  I located it and thought what an inconvenient place for people to locate the User Forums. Why is it not listed again where it was previously located?  This would make it quite easy for everyone to find and thus  use.  It was much more logical when it was easy to find.  Some new people may not take time to search to find the current button, as I did when it was moved. I imagine other authors would appreciate if the User Forums button was returned once again where it was easy to find!  More Lulu authors and those seeking information would probably use it much more, escpecially newbies to Lulu.  This is my opinion as a long time writer. 

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Ok, that's incredible information. Thank you. I had no idea stats could provoke such a thrill.


    Print books have way more traffic than ebooks. Who would have thought and I wonder why.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius

    It's possible to get individual replies in Lulu forums to pop up in most search-engines when, for example, searching for ISBN advice, and I suspect that's why some people post in random threads of random ages. In other words they do not even arrive in the forums via Lulu.


    Hit stats are also not always as they seem because search-engines themselves scan pages for the search words in order to come up with suggestions. I get a full breakdown of my site and one can see hits that last fractions of a second, and it's usually search-engine webspiders. Others that linger longer are humans using search-engine suggestions hitting my site who then find it's not what they were looking for.


    But I have to add that since Lulu got a new marketing manager Lulu's site has changed towards almost funneling people towards paying for self-publishing. I am sure they will say otherwise, but Lulu is a business after all.


    Although I do have to say that the Learn 'tab' is plain to see, but it had to sort of evolve over the last year or so to make it make that and the other options more obvious. There was a time the site was almost impossible to navigate to what one wanted. Perhaps that is why the forums were so busy? It also had far more thread options. Cover Design, formatting design, everything to do with creating something for use on Lulu and what to do with it once one had. Even a thread for people to post their services, and to be asked questions about them.

  • Skoob_ymSkoob_ym Teacher

    For something that's quiet, there's a lot of chatter on this thread... :^)

  • I believe this is the reason also.

    The forums should be as to find as they were previously.

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