How do I cancel (delete) my Lulu account?

edited November 2017 in Self-Publishing Overview

The simplest way to remove all of your information, content, and projects from Lulu us to delete your account. Your storefront and projects will be removed from the Lulu marketplace and Lulu's site. Neither you nor potential shoppers will have access to any projects or files associated with the account.

To delete your Lulu account:

  1. Go to My Projects > My Account & Orders > About Me.
  2. On the right side of the page, under the Account Login section, click Cancel My Lulu Account.
  3. Review the displayed information concerning account cancellation.
  4. Click Yes, Cancel My Account to confirm the cancellation.
  5. Click No, Please keep my account to retain your Lulu account. 

Please Note: All projects associated with the cancelled account will be immediately removed from the bookstore and a remove content notification will be sent to all retail sites on which your book is available for purchase. Lulu reserves the right to continue supplying files you made available for download to those who bought them prior to the cancellation of your account.

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