My book's information is incorrect at online retailers

If your book's manuscript, description, category and/or price are accurately displayed in the bookstore, but not on retailer sites, revise the project details (click on the project title) and immediately approve the changes. This will trigger the book's data to be re-sent to retailers.


If information is inaccurate on both the Lulu and retailer sites, revise the book on Lulu, fix the mistake, and then approve the book for distribution. This will trigger your book's data to be re-sent.


Please note: Data and file changes can sometimes take up to eight weeks to process.


When to take action:

  • If the title or author do not match what is listed on Lulu, please contact Lulu Support.
  • If you revised your book's manuscript and it has been more than eight weeks since you approved the newest version for distribution, please contact Lulu Support. If it has been less than eight weeks since you published and approved the revision, the files could still be processing.
  • Retail price changes also take several weeks to update on retail sites. If your retail price change is not reflected on retail sites after four weeks, please contact Lulu Support.
  • If the incorrect information displayed on the retailer's site is not data you provided Lulu, please contact Lulu Support.

To assist in our investigation, please include the ISBN or a link to the product page when submitting your support request.



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