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How do I delete a project?

If your content has not been published, you can simply delete it from your Project List. Projects in DRAFT status can also be deleted. When a project is deleted, the source files are also deleted. Published projects must be retired. 

When you choose to delete or 'retire' your content from Lulu, it will no longer be available for purchase or download from the Lulu Marketplace.

  • To delete your project: From your Project List, click the Delete icon next to the project you want to remove. Confirm the deletion. When a project is deleted, the source files are also deleted.
  • To retire your project: From your Project List, click the Revise icon next to the project you want to remove. Scroll to Availability/Project Status and click the Retire link.
  • To view retired projects: Click the Show retired projects button at the top of the project list in the My Projects section of your My Lulu tab.

The following exceptions apply to all Content:

  • Content to which you have granted permission to other members to incorporate into collaborative projects. If Content has been incorporated into another work for sale on Lulu, then the derivative work remains available even when the original work is retired.
  • Archived Content retained to the extent required by our data backup systems or at Lulu's discretion for archival purposes.
  • Content that has been sold or used in another project may still be retired, but will continue to appear on your Project List; and
  • Content in electronic format that you have made available to purchasers will remain on the Site in the purchasers’ Downloads.

For more information see: Lulu's Content Retention Guidelines

Lulu does not retain any residual rights to deleted or retired Content other than those outlined above.

To recover a retired project: 

  1. Log into your Lulu.com account
  2. Go to My Projects.
  3. Click Show Retired Projects located above your project list.
  4. Click the Revise link next to the project you wish to bring out of retirement.
  5. Click Unretire on the upper right.

The above terms regarding the status of Content you have uploaded also remain applicable if you choose to terminate your membership. For more information, see How do I Cancel my Lulu Account?.

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